The Series

Bibi Bright and Adjetey Anang

Imagine a handsome and trendy Council man, who is also a volunteer civics teacher at a high school. He is committed to responsible citizenship, human rights and environmentalism.

THE IDEAL CITIZEN, playing against a corrupt and unscrupulous business man (Cassius Mark Tyson) in the same community.

Kwame will lead a crusade to create awareness, to educate, and to promote a positive change in behaviour in the areas of personal hygiene and growth, constitutional knowledge, sanitation, pollution, good governance and politics, always assuming a patriotic stance.

Imagine all the potential battles- of diverse opinions, of morality, of political skulduggery, correctness and of ethics.

Cassius Mark Tyson is set to move heaven and earth to scupper all the noble ideals of Kwame Brimpong, who has become a threat to the very foundation of his wealth.

All this is packaged into 30 minutes of wit, humour, conflict, high suspense and pure drama.