The Characters

Adjetey Anang

Kwame Brimpong

Kwame is a supreme patriot, teacher and politician.
His quest to do good earns him admirers and detractors in equal measure.

Bibi Bright

Isabella Brimpong

Isabella, is Kwame Brimpongu2019s sweet wife. She is classy and fashionable. She values Kwameu2019s idealism and shares his dreams, yet tends to be more pragmatic. n

Korkailey Okine

Isabellau2019s half-sister, is sexy, fashionable, Kim Kardashian-esque. Korkailey is fiercely loyal to her sister and family, yet seems to bring trouble wherever she goes.

Yaa Pokua Brimpong

Yaa, Kwame and Isabellau2019s daughter, is a brainy, headstrong, and highly opinionated young lady, due mainly to her voracious reading habit, encouraged by her father.


Madiba Brimpong

The first born of the Brimpongs, Madiba (named after Nelson Mandela), is a bright lad with a light-hearted disposition. He is a free-spirited graffiti artist and a talented dancer

Mikki Osei Berko

Cassius Mark Tyson

Area Godfather, old school, benign dictator and key antagonist to Kwame.nHe never dirties his own hands, always employing goons.

Tom and Jerry

Tom and Jerry

Area boys, the duo will do almost anything for a quick buck. Tom aka nthe BOMB, has a unique attribute u2013 the ability to scatter people due to nhis overpowering bad breath.