Korkailey Okine

Priscilla Opoku Agyeman

Isabellau2019s half-sister, is sexy, fashionable, Kim Kardashian-esque.

Korkailey is fiercely loyal to her sister and family, yet seems to bring trouble wherever she goes.

She has expensive tastes and claims to make a good living buying and selling.u00a0

The sisters get along really well but Isabella is uncomfortable with Korkaileyu2019s frequent and unannounced extended stays in her home.u00a0

When given the chance to serve Kwame, Korkailey does it with deference, always trying to outdo her sister.u00a0

She is the epitome of a materialistic person.

What will be her influence on the Brimpong household? She is all about short cuts. She will teach Yaa about boys and how to wrap them around her pinky. She will be the cool and very liberal auntie, loved by the kids.

A possible love affair with Mark Tyson? She will find his hand in the travails of the Brimpongs and would have to choose a side.u00a0 Will she betray her family or juggle both relationships?

She can be reckless in her choices and associations but would die for her family.

Priscilla Opoku-Agyemang is Korkailey Okine