Cassius Mark Tyson

Mikki Osei Berko

Area Godfather, old school, benign dictator and key antagonist to Kwame.

He never dirties his own hands, always employing goons. Cassius behaves like a later-day-Don Corleone and calls his lieutenants family. He is a bombastic businessman, with his hand in a lot of pies.

He lives just down the road from the Brimpongs, in a palatial home, with a golden bust of himself in his courtyard, and a rather large self-portrait in his living room.

A ruthless operator and corrupt to the core, Cassius believes money rules and solves all and he may be rightu2026 His weakness however is his addiction to adulation.

He expects carte blanche respect from everyone in the neighbourhood.

He is a strong man, who walks around with clenched fists, like a boxer and almost always chomping on a cigar. He doesnu2019t seem to have a family.

He has a designer pet cat he carries around, called SPRINKLES

He is known to dress outlandishly occasionally. He has a special greeting with his lieutenants.

Mikki Osei Berko is Cassius Mark Tyson